Student Enrollment


In order to register your child in a Lexington One school, you should bring your child’s official birth certificate with parents’ names on it (not a wallet card or short certificate) and a completed South Carolina Certificate of Immunization to the school for which your child is zoned.

Here’s information about what immunizations your child needs.

For proof of residency, please bring a current electric bill/statement showing your name and home address within the district and your South Carolina driver’s license or other state or federal photograph identification.

If you are unable to produce any of the documents listed above, please contact the school or the Office of Student Services at 803-821-1029 to discuss alternative documentation that may be acceptable.


If you do not live in Lexington District One and wish to enroll your child in one of our schools, you must meet the criteria outlined below.

The child must own real estate in the district having an assessed tax value of $300 or more. That means that the real estate must be valued at $5,000 or more and must be listed in the child’s name.

The parent or legal guardian must bring a copy of the deed, which has been filed at the Lexington County Court House, showing the property owner as the child. Once this has been verified, the parent/legal guardian must pay additional tuition before the child may enroll in a school in Lexington One.

The person responsible for educating the child must must then pay the additional tuition, the difference between the taxes he/she pays on that property each year, and the district’s cost to educate a child. (This is usually an amount equal to the prior year’s local revenue per child raised by the millage for school district operations and debt service reduced by school taxes on real property owned by the child paid to the school district in which he is enrolled.)

If the payment to the school district is not made within a reasonable time, as determined by the district, the child must be removed from the school after notice is given.